About Our Partners

We are honored to be part of the following movements and organizations:



"The #breakfreefromplastic Movement is a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution. Since its launch in 2016, more than 8,000 organizations and individual supporters from across the world have joined the movement to demand massive reductions in single-use plastics and to push for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis." 

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Meet Our Business Partners!

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Before1907 has partnered with AnchoredByDesignShop, Common Good, Albatross Designs, Earth Love, and more!– humble and dedicated vendors who have formulated the best possible cleaning solutions and products for your home.


Anchored By Design 

"Anchored By Design is a boutique sewing shop located on San Juan Island, Washington. We specialize in reusable products inspired by daily living.
Hand-made with professional equipment
by skilled artisans, our products bring
sustainability to your daily rhythm.
Where functionality meets resilience."


Common Good

"Common Good was founded as a small initiative to reduce the amount of single-use plastic generated by household soaps and cleaners. As parents we were not only concerned with the amount of recycling piling up, but were also troubled by the ingredients found in those products. After searching the neighborhood in vain for safe, refillable household soaps and cleaners, we decided to launch Common Good in 2011. We developed green, biodegradable formulas that are Leaping Bunny certified and safe around kids and pets. We created a range of reusable plastic and glass bottles that can be refilled at our refill stations located nationwide. Our innovative, modern design offers an alternative to single-use plastics, making Common Good clean in every way."

Earth Love

"Earth Love produces locally made (Oakville, ON), all natural, waste free cleaning products. Our formulations have been researched endlessly to provide our customers with a product that not only works, but gives them the ability to keep their house clean in a waste free way. All of Earth Love’s products are in tablet form. This provides us with the opportunity to package all our products in compostable materials. Our tablets are easy to use and their compact format allows for easy storage and transportation. Our product line includes Laundry Detergent, All-Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner & Dishwasher tablets."


Tru Earth

In 2018, three Canadian friends had an exciting new idea.
They had a dream of eliminating the 700,000,000 plastic laundry jugs that get dumped in landfills every year. To reach this goal, they would need to create an eco-friendly laundry detergent that works better, and is more convenient than the options that were already on the market. After months and months of preparation, Tru Earth Eco-Strips laundry detergent was born.



Mountain Girl Essentials is a line of handmade soap and apothecary goods designed to help women celebrate the native plants and culture of Northern California. Ruggedly sophisticated and feminine, and infused with a bit of adventure, our collection of all-natural skincare is effective and thoughtfully crafted with locally sourced plant extracts, oils and infusions.