Our Commitment


At Before1907, we aim to decrease the usage of single-use plastics by curating a selection of plastic-free cleaning products for you and your family.

Before1907 prioritizes selling quality products from eco-friendly vendors. We source from a diverse group of artisans and brands whose values surrounding inclusivity and social equality align with our own. 

  • 1% for the Planet: Before1907 is honored to join the 1% for the Planet global movement by pledging to donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits. 
  • Green Business Certified: Our commitment to environmental change, green company practices, and social justice has been confirmed by the government program, Green America. 

  • Green Guardian Collective: Before1907 is a member of the Green Guardian Collective, an up and coming all-women organization that hosts public events that create awareness of environmental issues. 

  • Students get a 15% discount: We invest in our students. We see the hard work you are putting toward achieving your goals while fighting for social and environmental change. By reducing financial barriers, we hope to make sustainable practices more accessible and affordable.

We want to acknowledge other green businesses and nonprofits that share our values. If your organization would like to partner with Before1907, reach out at before1907@gmail.com